Noteworthy Representations

  • Created statutory guidelines for the trimming or removal of vegetation in the highway right-of-way which blocks the visibility of outdoor advertising signs.

  • Passed law to allow outdoor advertising signs to change messages electronically (e.g., using LED technology).

  • Included owners of campgrounds in law easing the transfer of a permit from the current owner to a family member.

  • Amended statutes granting personal property tax exemption for recreational mobile homes or RVs clarifying that any aftermarket additions are not part of the RV.  The additions are subject to the personal property tax, but the RV is not.

  • Assured that Department of Transportation rule, Trans 202, excludes business districts from Scenic Byways designation of state highways.

  • Passed law limiting the reasons that municipalities can use to deny a permit.  Municipalities can no longer interfere with a contract between two private parties.

  • Clarified the definition of “tourism promotion and development” in room tax law to assure that the tax collected by municipalities is used to promote tourism.

  • Passed law prohibiting municipalities from using amortization to remove nonconforming uses, buildings, structures, and fixtures.  Cities, town, villages, and counties must now pay fair market value for any private property taken or removed.

  • Removed Scenic Byways language from the biennial budget bill which would have harmed outdoor advertising companies.

  • Passed law giving the Department of Health and Family Services the authority to set a uniform fee for copies of medical records.

  • Removed gift certificates from the Unclaimed Property Act.

  • Created emergency weight limits exemption for septic pumpers/haulers.

  • Expanded turkey hunting preference categories to include one for nonresident landowners.

  • Eliminated the 5-year vesting requirement for academic staff in the Wisconsin Retirement System.

  • Restored authority to the Board of Regents for establishing pay ranges for academic staff.

  • Reduced the requirements for percentage of post-consumer fiber contained in newsprint.

  • Established a relocation cost schedule with the Department of Transportation for outdoor advertising signs.

  • Assured that the room tax is not one of the funding sources used to pay for Miller Park (Milwaukee Brewer's Stadium).

  • Expanded the options available to "diet centers" in demonstrating financial responsibility.

  • Established a 8% cap on the room tax which may be imposed by municipalities.

  • Created a Class B liquor license to allow furnishing packaged liquor in hotel rooms.

  • Included a statutory definition of bed and breakfast establishments.

  • Created a property tax exemption for recreational vehicles.

  • Changed the minimum mark-up law to include language creating private cause of action.

  • Legalized amusement games known as "crane games."

  • Created law requiring University of Wisconsin System classes to begin after September 1st.

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