Swandby/Kilgore Associates, Inc. advances your interests by:

  • Successfully ensuring the passage of legislation (including budgetary proposals) favorable to your interests and defeating proposals which are not.
  • Keeping you informed of issues affecting your business or profession as they are introduced. We monitor legislative activities daily and attend all hearings on issues and legislative proposals that could affect you.
  • Developing strategies that get the job done. Using our knowledge of the process, the players and your concerns, we map out a plan to accomplish your goals.
  • Amplifying your political clout by forming coalitions with other lobbyists and coordinating statewide grassroots support when appropriate.
  • Presenting clear, concise, well-researched arguments to legislators. We execute your strategy through individual meetings with legislators and key agency people, in writing, and through the preparation and/or presentation of testimony before legislative committees.
  • Utilizing our extensive lobbying experience and expertise in the legislative process, and our positive relationships with the Governor and legislators from both political parties.
  • Assuring that the passage of legislation if oftentimes not the last step. When needed, we extend our lobbying efforts from the legislature to state agencies, where we are actively involved in the drafting of administrative rules and departmental policies that may affect your interests.

Swandby/Kilgore Associates, Inc. offers comprehensive lobbying services

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

  • Monitor all state legislative activity and report on any legislation that may be of interest.
  • Monitor activity of state agencies including the promulgation or revision of administrative rules and inform you of any activity that may be of concern.
  • Maintain an ongoing relationship with legislators on your behalf. Meet with legislators and their staff as needed to discuss your concerns.
  • Provide general counsel and expertise on lobbying strategies.
  • Attend, monitor, and, when needed, represent your organization at legislative hearings and floor debates. Communicate positions to legislators.
  • Coordinate efforts to introduce legislation and lobby on the client's behalf.
  • Provide regular updates on state legislative and lobbying activities.
  • Respond to requests for information on state legislative matters.
  • Develop position statements on issues or legislation for dissemination to legislators, the Governor, appropriate state agencies, and/or the press.
  • Monitor state legislative and executive elections and provide status reports.
  • Provide comprehensive research to maximize your legislative and regulatory options.

Grassroots Organizing

  • Develop and maintain lobbying coalitions of benefit to the client's endeavors.
  • Coordinate "grassroots," internally generated lobbying efforts.
  • Attend campaign fundraising events and meet with candidates.
  • Administer PAC and Conduit accounts.
  • Prepare newsletter articles for publications.
  • Present information at board meetings, association conferences or conventions.


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Swandby/Kilgore Associates, Inc.