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Swandby/Kilgore Associates, Inc. is a full-service association management firm which has worked for, and with, a wide range of clients for 20 years.

Good association managers have outstanding organizational abilities and unfaltering attention to detail. However, excellent association managers do not focus solely on the details, instead they are visionaries. This is a rare combination in the association management field. Many of our competitors can address the day to day operations of an association without error, but an association cannot simply conduct business flawlessly. 

Associations must adapt to change in order to survive and thrive in today's world. Excellent association managers must be able to assess how the association, industry, or profession fits in the larger scheme. Excellent association managers make suggestions to the association's voluntary leadership to address and capitalize on change. 

We at Swandby/Kilgore Associates are association managers who are not only responsive to the needs of the Association's leadership and members, but to outside trends. We provide new perspectives, and anticipate the challenges which an association may face. We offer suggestions and solutions to meet the challenges. We work with the boards of the associations we manage to take each organization to the next level.

Swandby/Kilgore Associates provides promotional, educational, and networking opportunities for the members of the associations we manage. Overall, communication is where Swandby/Kilgore Associates excels. We know that when we prepare written communications, or speak on behalf of our clients, our actions reflect on their reputations as well as our own.

Swandby/Kilgore Associates
pledges that our firm will:

  • Provide services of the highest quality
  • Be thorough and responsive at all times
  • Anticipate what needs to be done
  • Exhibit unparalleled professionalism at all times
  • Exhibit excellence in both internal and external communications
  • Work to increase the number of members of each association we manage
  • Meet and exceed the expectations of members

We have consistently demonstrated the necessary attention to detail and organizational abilities required for excellent association management. Our ability to work independently, to anticipate what needs to be accomplished, and to complete projects on deadline sets our firm apart from other businesses offering similar services.


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Swandby/Kilgore Associates, Inc.